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Putting On Your New Plate

The PBL Plates take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to be made by the Correctional Industries and delivered to the DMV. You will receive a notice from the DMV when your plates are available to be picked up at the headquarters at 600 New London Avenue in Cranston, adjacent to the ACI. You must bring your old plates with you to make the exchange for the new ones. It is suggested that before going to the DMV you loosen the bolts on your old plates making sure they can be easily removed once you arrive at the DMV. There will be no one there to assist you with removing the old plates. Be sure to bring the proper screwdriver or other tools needed to remove the plates once you arrive at the DMV. To get your new plates, go to the “Plate Department” on the first floor of the building. You DO NOT have to get a ticket, you DO NOT have to wait in the long lines at the DMV to make the exchange. The plate exchange should take no longer than 5 minutes, and you must reattach your new plates once you’ve left the DMV building. Good luck, and thanks for supporting the Plum Beach Lighthouse!

Plum Beach Lighthouse, Behind the Plate

This YouTube video is a look into the making of the Plum Beach Lighthouse License Plate, made at the ACI in Cranston, Rhode Island. Narrated by Jim Forbes.

Applications now being accepted for Commercial and Combination plates

The Friends of Plum Beach Lighthouse are pleased to announce an expansion of the lighthouse license plate program. The State General Assembly in July 2013 passed bills allowing us to now offer both commercial and combination style plates for the public. The same rules apply for these plates and are currently available in 5-digits or less. Also, before either type plate is made, we must collect a minimum of 900 before the DMV will make the plates official.

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