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Welcome to the Plum Beach Lighthouse License Plate website. You’ve landed here, presumably because you want to help get the Plum Beach Lighthouse repainted. By buying a PBL Plate, part of the proceeds from your purchase will go directly to this project.

Plum Beach Lighthouse

Plum Beach Lighthouse

We are a group of volunteers, known as the Friends of Plum Beach Lighthouse, whose mission is to preserve, protect, and promote the lighthouse located beneath the Jamestown-Verrazzanno Bridge in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. We are a small non-profit group that was founded in 1988 because the lighthouse was in serious jeopardy of being taken from the state, and through the years we’ve been busy saving her. In 2003 it was renovated, but now, just a few short years later, the lighthouse needs repainting. By ordering and purchasing this plate, you’ll be able to see the results of your purchase in the future when the lighthouse gets its new paint job. Donations to the Friends of Plum Beach Lighthouse organization are always graciously accepted. Thank you for your support!

The Northeast Independent and South County Independent newspapers have kindly donated advertising space for the PBL Plate application, seen in both the January 28 and February 4 editions. The Friends of Plum Beach Lighthouse are grateful for such a valuable contribution to our fund-raising effort.

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