Repainting Project of Summer 2010

As a direct result from the sales of the PBL Plates, the lighthouse was repainted during the summer of 2010. Workers from Abcore Restoration of Narragansett, RI, spent weeks removing old paint and rust scale from the iron on the exterior walls of the lighthouse. Once the bare iron was exposed, it was immediately sealed with epoxy to prevent rusting. The lighthouse was then repainted in its day mark color of black, white and brown. The solar-powered florescent lights that light the tower at night were replaced by new LED lights which use one-third the power. Finally, the flag pole was installed where the furnace smokestack once stood. The flag pole and flag were offered at wholesale to the Friends by Narragansett Flags.

Prior to starting the license plate program, the Friends were stuck wondering how they were going to raise the funds to paint the lighthouse. Additionally, they were having difficulty raising enough money to have a yearly maintenance program and little had been done to the lighthouse since the 2003 renovation. Now, because of the success of the license plates, the lighthouse has been repainted and a yearly maintenance budget has been created to keep it shiny for years to come.

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